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Dress Rehersal

With my PMC only two weeks away, the CRW’s Climb to the Clouds is usually my final major training push. Since I’ll be riding an extra 92 miles the day before the this year’s PMC, I wanted to really push myself to see whether my body is ready to deal with three back-to-back long rides. Here’s the story, in a nutshell.

Thursday: Hillclimb repeats in Arlington Heights. Four trips up Jason St. to Spring St. to Eastern Ave. to the water tower. Each trip gains 300 feet in 0.9 miles. 30 miles total. (details)

Friday: Easy 25-mile recovery ride around Waltham and Newton. (details)

Saturday: Blessed rest day before the big century ride.

Sunday: Climb to the Clouds. My fourth 100-mile century ride of the year, with around 7,000 feet of climbing, including Mt. Wachusett. For the second year in a row, the summit road was closed due to construction. Here’s the GPS data and check out the video ride report below.

Monday: 45-mile very hilly ride out Trapelo Road and Baker Bridge, then Punkatasset Hill (River/Monument St.), and Page/Grove Streets. Not as much distance as I wanted to do, but still a robust workout on the day after a hard century. (details)

Tuesday: 30-mile Green Line Velo “medium-fast” group ride. They’re a very fast pack, and I expected to fall off early, but was surprisingly strong all the way to the end, despite a moving average of 18.6 mph. (details)

Although I didn’t do as many post-century miles as I’d initially hoped, I think the higher intensity workouts will have a better training effect anyways, so I’m happy.

In the bigger picture of this year’s PMC, I think I’m in better shape for the extra miles now than I ever have been before, so I think it’s doable. We’ll take it very easy on Friday’s “Day 0” ride through the Berkshires, so that we’ve still got gas in the tank for Saturday. I won’t be setting any personal bests on Saturday’s “Day 1” ride, but I should be able to put in a solid performance. And I’m not concerned about Sunday (“Day 2”), since it’s always been just icing on the cake.

So I’m happy. In these last few weeks before the PMC, life always narrows down to riding; eating and sleeping to support my riding; and fundraising. At the same time, I’m really looking forward to the pre-event “tapering” phase of training, because a solid block of rest sounds awfully good to me right now!

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