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Cape Ann Cruise

This’ll be just a quickie, since I’m in the throes of final PMC preparations.

At the Fishermans Monument

Yesterday I led a 50-mile ride for Jay, Paul, and Mark that took us from Mark’s home in Beverly up 127 to Gloucester, around Cape Ann, and back.

The weather threatened rain, but wound up being partly sunny and oppressively humid. This was more of a scenic ride than a hammerfest, and I think it all went very well. The most difficult part of the ride was not jumping into the water as we crossed the wooden footbridge in Annisquam! GPS track log is here and photos are here.

Despite having only ridden a couple times all year, Mark kept up admirably, and seemed to hit it off well with Paul and Jay. Jay’s trying to get a group of us to do the Flattest Century in September, which is highly probable.

That was my last major ride before the PMC, so now I’m all about sleep, eating, and frenetic packing. So I’m posting this so that I can check it off my to-do list, add the relevant pointer to OrnothLand, then moving on to the rest of the list. Ciao!

Tags: cape ann, jay, paul, ride report
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