ornoth-cycling (ornoth_cycling) wrote,

Under My Wheels

Time for another mileage update. Today I broke 25 thousand miles on the bike. That’s counting back nine and a half years to October 2000, when I first started my weekly training log as I began preparing for my first Pan-Mass Challenge.

Of those 25,000 miles, 8,000 have been on the Plastic Bullet, my Specialized Roubaix road bike, and an amazing 17,000 miles were on the Devinci hybrid that was my trusty steed for my first five years as a cyclist.

I suppose that’s just about right. Since I average 3,000 miles per year, I should reach 30,000 miles at the end of ten years. That would be a year and a half from now, in October 2010.

Since spring is in the air, this is also an opportune time to mention that I have resumed updating the charts on the Training page on my cycling site. Check them out for both an overview and details about my riding habits, if you’re curious.

Tags: analytics, charts, miles
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