ornoth-cycling (ornoth_cycling) wrote,

Everybody got their Plastic Bullets…

Roubaix Expert

So yesterday—a holiday—the rain let up just enough for me to get to the LBS and do the acceptance test ride. The bike is sweet, fits very nicely (in the 61cm size), and I pulled the trigger on the deal.

Unfortunately, I really can’t tell you a lot more than that, because the rain resumed, and promises to continue for another five days. I’m hoping that it’ll be clear enough at some point this weekend for me to get a lengthy shakedown ride in.

Whether I’ll be able to show the ride off at QC or not is TBD, but an ambitious ride is definitely in order, and I’d like to run ’er up Great Blue Hill before snow flies, as well.

But for now, I’ve got one very pretty (and pretty pricey) piece of plastic standing in the hallway…

Tags: equipment, plastic bullet, purchases, test ride
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