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Orny's Cycling Journal



11 PMC Riding


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07 PMC Riding

Now that I’ve got three years of riding under my belt, I’ve become a lot more familiar with Pittsburgh’s sights, which in turn has made me a much more effective player in the local Tag-o-Rama game.

Last year I updated you by showing the 17 tags I picked up and 17 I placed in 2016 and 2017 combined. Here’s another annual update for 2018.

This year I picked up (and dropped off) no less than 25 tags. In fact, Tag-o-Rama was one of the only things that motivated me to get out and ride, between three long out-of-town trips, my malaise left over from 2017, and the horrid weather.

The coolest bit is that my 42 total tag pickups allowed me to break into the ranks of the top 10 players overall (out of 125). I was pretty proud of that, since I still consider myself a recent transplant.

That said, here are this year’s 25 pickups/finds (on the left) and my resulting 25 tag drops/placements (on the right). As always, click for teh bigness.

Homestead Labyrinth

"We get back up" mural

Homestead gun reform healing wall

Turreted houses on Ophelia Street

Railroad overpass heart-bike graffiti

Pitt LRDC & Cathedral of Learning

Polish Hill parklet

Big "3" at Strip apartments

Lion statues on Liberty in the Strip

Downlook Street in Stanton Heights

Wilkinsburg Flyboy mural

Eliza Furnace Trail at the jail

East Lib Parole Board

Danny Chew's house

Squirrel Hill post office

Overpass at Gomer in Southside

Landslide off Forward Ave

Church off Fleury Way

Wilkinsburg LPRC sculpture

Church on Saline in Junction Hollow

Church in McKees Rocks Bottom

Art on Friendship Ave pole

Phil's Parking on Penn

Stairs behind Duquesne University

Third Ave parking

Green Canoe building, Southside

Schenley Park disc golf course

Mural on Blackberry in Lawrenceville

Heinz House, Sharpsburg

Spring Garden bird mosaic

Garfield art car

Ravine/Creek footbridge in Homestead

Homestead Grays Bridge memorial

Lawrenceville bus butt

New Guild Studio mural, Braddock

Holy Grail Garage, East Pittsburgh

Pixelated Carrie Furnace

Curry "Street" in Braddock

Ellsworth & Shady footbridge

Prince of Peace bingo, Southside

Duq Light substation off Brighton

Ingham Street, Marshall

Fort Pitt blockhouse

Carson Street WW1 memorial

Second Ave underneath EFT

Titties graffiti on Juniper

Strawberry Way, Downtown

Archeparchy Convert at Riverview

Lemon Way, Downtown

Outbuilding at penitentiary, Chateau

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