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Orny's Cycling Journal

1-Minute Dirty Dozen


11 PMC Riding

1-Minute Dirty Dozen

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11 PMC Riding

I've posted one-minute hyperlapse videos of the five hardest hills in the Dirty Dozen, compiled from my on-bike action cam footage, so here’s a quick and painless run-thru if you’re interested in seeing how it went.

Or rather, it would be painless, except for the usual nausea-inducing camera shake associated with action cams. The hyperlapse helps, but only so much.

Also bear in mind that since the camera was mounted to my bike at a fixed angle, even steep hills appear flat because the bike—and thus the camera—are both tilted up at the same angle. The best way to judge the incline is by features at the sides of the road. And by other riders weaving back and forth, falling off their bikes, and walking…

1-Minute Dirty Dozen: Logan (4x)

1-Minute Dirty Dozen: Suffolk (6x)

1-Minute Dirty Dozen: Boustead (6x)

1-Minute Dirty Dozen: Eleanor (6x)

1-Minute Dirty Dozen: Tesla (10x)

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